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A fast growing online recreational game : According to a survey most of people who have played online bingo preferred one of the oldest social games for ‘fun and self-indulging entertainment’ purposes only. Do you know, that an average game of bingo takes anywhere between 3-6 minutes to finish, hence, it’s one of the quickest and certainly the cheapest (25c entry) way of entertaining oneself. The changing dynamics of the game of bingo is such that online bingo is just not restricted to any gender.

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History of Bingo (Europe and Americas) : The game of bingo is a near fusion between how lottery and tombola or tambola are operated. According to reliable sources, the first ever bingo game was played in Italy (year 1530 A.D) and it was then a form of lottery. Then, the Italian National Lottery named it as ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’ it means ‘The Clearance of The Lot of Italy’. Almost five hundred years later the traditional and humble game is turning out to be a big time mass money spinner in the US and the UK. Ed Lowe, a NY salesman is largely reported to bring BINGO in the US, that also by chance. In earlier times, Bingo was being played in derelict cinema halls, churches, private halls and homes for pure entertainment and for raising funds etc. but the advent of new technology has redefined this traditional game to a great extent. Most of the credit goes to the internet.

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There has been multitude of changes in the last decade as far as the profile of a bingo player is concerned. Remote gambling allows anybody (above 21 years of age) to try a host of casino games ranging slots, baccarats, poker and roulette etc. Women historically (a majority of bingo players are women) have found the online format as one of the safest gateways from boredom and a quick way to release stress, without being jeered, stared and ridiculed by a rowdy crowd minus all the noise.

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Players can try over 100 FREE bingo and lots of other casino games without actually paying anything at Thus, giving them an option to try out a low cost entertainment option, any prize winning is a bonus. First time players receive FREE money to try out lots of games after filling out a simple, mandatory form online. After this 2-3 minute activity, the new player’s account is loaded with BB’s (bingo bucks) and one can start with his/her own unique User ID and password.

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Some statistics say that 96% of all bingo players have won a game or two in their lifetimes. The chatting feature, interactive social games carried out on social networking websites like enables players (also loners) to interact and foster friendship. The social factor is one of the big reasons for such a huge draw of men, women and girls. Buying bingo cards is as easy as visiting a bingo site. Cards can be purchased and downloaded anytime online (Live online bingo halls run 24/7). Boys throng bingo sites on a regular basis play bingo because a number of American and UK sites offer a range of prizes like PlayStations, pods, mobile phones, dinner coupons, travel cards, gift vouchers, DVD’s and many hi-tech next generation gifts.

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